Welcome Friend...

Breast Friends Breast Cancer Support Group is made up of people just like you whose life has been touched by breast cancer. 

If you are newly diagnosed you have many questions and are feeling a wide range of emotions from anger to fear to depression.  Breast Friends is made up of people who have heard those words “You have breast cancer” and can understand what you’re feeling.   

If you’ve recently finished treatment, often times that can be the scariest time of all and a time you may find you need the support of other survivors the most who understand that even though your treatment may be over, the healing is just beginning. 

If you’re a long term survivor you may be feeling the desire to walk the journey with new people who are just being diagnosed as a way to work through your own feelings and give back to the community. 

Whatever your reason for joining Breast Friends, it’s always informal, it’s always free, and it’s always confidential.

When you’re ready to talk, we’re ready to listen.